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BD 12.000
A 24mm, single terminal, two post build deck with gold plated positive posts and a triple airflow system

Apple Kiwi, Rounds Eliquid

BD 5.000 BD 2.000
Crisp Apple and Tropical Kiwi mixed together for a mouth watering experience with a cool candy finish! Comes in a 50ml bottle

Blue Mango, Rounds Eliquid

BD 5.000 BD 2.000
A delectable marriage of tart blueberry and sweet mango to bring you a satisfying vape. Comes in a 50ml bottle

Caramelo, kardinal

BD 6.000 BD 3.000
Caramelo embodies the rich, complex and captivating essence of vanilla paired with luxurious caramel and a slight undertone of maple blended with mild tobacco leaves with a touch of sweetness.